Sundays are…

my least favorite day of the week. The work of Monday looms over the whole day. Next weekend is a 4 day weekend! I can not wait. The day started with breakfast with Melinda at Newcomb Farms in Wollaston. The lure of blueberry pancakes struck me again.

After breakfast, I had hoped to go down to Woonsocket today to spend the day with R, but that did not pan out. I really have to talk to him. I am going to try to see if he will meet me for dinner tomorrow night at Fireflies BBQ on Adams Street.

I have been doing a lot of knitting on the February Lady Sweater. I only have a few more inches on the body to go.

I also started knitting a Christmas gift for R’s 7 year old daughter. It will be a pink purse. I will also knit her some kind of pink mohair scarf.

My mood has been ok this weekend. I have spent most of it alone and my mind tends to wander when it is is alone. It has been ok though. This afternoon, I was very disappointed I could not go down to Woonsocket to see R. As I type this out, I can feel my mood tank so that is all I will say on the matter.

For dinner, I made a chickpea, green bean and pepper stir fry with Trader Joe’s curry sauce. I made enough for a few lunches and it is a good vegetarian meal for me that uses some stuff I had in the pantry.

The end result was very good!

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