Wednesday Musings

So, AC/DC last night was awesome. I hope to have as much energy as them when I am in my 50s and 60s. Gillette Stadium was packed and hopping. We were way up in the nosebleed section towards the stage but I could hear the music and see the stage so I was happy. Melinda even had a great time!
I am having some concert remorse after not going after the Depeche Mode tickets through the Friends of Harpoon. Next time…

Work has been crazy. I went in this morning and felt fine. Only to encounter this:

My desk has been like this for a while. This confusion confuses me!

Overshadowing all of this is Mom. She is going downhill fast. She loses attention quickly. She does not talk and getting her attention is hard. You practically have to jump at her to get her to look. Saying her name does not cut it any longer. She has been having a lot of accidents lately.

I miss Mom. I want her back. She should be enjoying her life at 60. Not dying a slow horrible death.

I get so depressed after I visit her but I can’t not visit her. It really tears me up inside.

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