I know complaining about the weather is pointless but the weather in Boston has been down right dreary lately. Rain, gray, rain, gray… it is a never ending pattern. It has definitely taken hold of me. It is like Eeyore is in Eastern Massachusetts and there is a big cloud over his head following him.

Les nuages...Image by melolou via Flickr

I want this!!!!

Rain in BostonImage by Salt&Vinegar via Flickr

Not this!!!!!

My mood does not need any downers. To top it off, it has been cold. I have not seen R in a few weeks. Even though we talk on the phone, it is not enough. I need to be near him. It is a sad realization I guess. My mood should not depend on another person. It is something I need to work on.

My Boots turns 2 today.

He is quite the teenage kitty. He is obsessed with knocking my coat off of the chair and then laying on it when it is on the floor. It must be a cat thing. I am going to get him some cat nip to celebrate. Maybe a high kitty is what I need.

Today is my first day experimenting with Zemanta. It has been tricky. The page does not seem to format right when I look at the preview. It is annoying.

I need to knit to calm down.

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